What I understood, starting trading on the stock exchange

We all watched films about brokers who earn huge money on stock and currency exchanges, ride cool cars and talk on incomprehensible tongue. I was always damping this area, but it happened that I received technical education and about finance, promotions, futures, bonds, fundamental and technical analysis heard only on TV or in the same movie. Now I work in a large company and I have an average of Moscow’s standards salary that allows you to postpone the money.

And here last year, I decided to enter the fabulous world of trade on the stock exchange. I will not describe the whole process, but I will stop at the basic moments that I made for myself for this year.

1. Technically, this is easy

True, it is not more difficult than getting a bank card. The process is almost identical.

  1. Choose a reliable broker. Some banks can be brokers. You can choose using sites with ratings on the Internet. Some brokers allow you to register the account remotely – through the "public services".
  2. Determine with service tariffs. Usually they all have the same – this is the percentage of transactions (purchases / sales) with financial instruments (shares, bonds, futures, currency) on the stock exchange.
  3. Make a purchase and sale through the terminal on the computer or in the application on your mobile phone.

All the history of operations is stored in the Brokerage Battery. The difference between the price of sale and purchase and will be expected profit, the dividends or coupon income can also be added to it, and you also pay the percentage broker for the conclusion of the transaction. Here I will not stop in detail, as there are enough nuances. But it’s not worth afraid. Keep an analogy in the head with the purchase of a phone on the Internet: Actually Purchase is not a problem, but the choice of an ideal apparatus with all the desired characteristics can take enough time.

2. Have to study

As I mentioned above, buy or sell a financial labor tool is not. But what tool to choose is the main question. And then – when it is to buy and when to sell. Or keep to get income from dividends or coupons.

Will have to understand how the world economy works. Why everyone speaks about oil prices. Why gold is used as a means of insurance when on the panication. How to keep financial accounting. What companies keep a sectoral economy. How to read financial reports companies. What is trend models and moving averages.

And with a deeper immersion, you still understand that you do not know anything. Online, books, articles, videos, recommendations, moms, moms, dads, grandmothers come to the rescue (although the latter, most likely you have come down and deal with some financial pyramid).

3. Emotionally it is hard

If you suddenly decide to buy risky tools, prepare that such an approach will make you boot and constantly check, climbed or fell in price of your selected shares. It seems like shopaholics watch selling and afraid to miss cool discounts.

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What I understood, starting trading on the stock exchange

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There will be experiences: "I had to buy before," "I had to sell before," maybe now to sell "," what to do?!".

To reduce emotional pressure, invest in trade on the stock exchange the amount of money that is not afraid of losing. And as your experience is growing and a strategy is produced, you can increase the amounts used in transactions.

4. No one knows what will happen

Whatever who spoke about the future, in fact, no one knows for sure. Although analysts can make predictions based on their experience, market status and political environment, there is only the likelihood that the price will change exactly that, and not otherwise.

Study Such versions are useful because it informs about the mood in the markets and helps to make decisions about buying or selling. But no one ever gives one hundred percent warranty.

5. This is fascinating

Trading on the stock exchange really delays. This is an element of excitement, and a competitive moment, and a feeling of belonging to something mysterious, about what your friends and friends heard only on TV.

The main thing here is not to lose your head. Maybe like a casino where you are able to leave without pants. And maybe a means of savings and earnings in a detailed and responsible approach.

6. Developed responsibility

For trade on the stock exchange you need money. Free money so that you are not afraid to lose them and then starve. It motivates to revise the attitude to finance, look for ways to increase earnings or reduce costs. Financial literacy is developing and responsible: you probably think about before performing a spontaneous purchase.

I told briefly about those insights, which received in the first year of trade on the stock exchange. Since I chose quite risky options and experienced experience, then the year ended with a small minus. However, it will cover the tax deduction on IIS (individual investment account) and in fact I will be in the plus. It’s better than if this money was lying under my mattress.

Exchange was not so terrible monster. Yes, there you can lose a lot, but you can also purchase a lot. The main thing is to gradually dive into all the nuances and subtleties, and with a patient approach, responsibility, efforts and, possibly, a drip of good luck, you will succeed. And then, perhaps, it is about you the next movie with Di Caprio will remove. 🙂

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