What ice cream is different from Gelato, sorbet and other frozen desserts

It is difficult to believe, but there is even a legal definition of ice cream. For example, US Department of Agriculture Resolution Commercial Item Description: Ice Cream, Sherbet, Fruit and Juice Products, Ices and Novelties. , that ice cream should contain at least 10% of dairy fat. In addition, during freezing it must be constantly mixed.

In the process of whipping the dairy mixture, the air distribution occurs, the content of which in the finished product should not exceed 50%. No air ice cream will not have such a pleasant air consistency. The smaller the size of air bubbles, that is, the better the frozen, the better it is tastier.


Gelato is different from ice cream in that in the process of whipping it falls much less air. Therefore, this dessert is more dense and melts slower than ordinary ice cream.

This is a traditional Italian dish. In Italy, Jelato is made of solid milk without adding cream. In this case, the percentage of milk fat in it is about 3.8%.

This dessert is done in special establishments called Jelateria. So keep in mind that in ordinary kiosks of our cities can not find.

Frozen custard

This delicacy is very similar to traditional ice cream. The main difference is that the composition of a frozen custard must be at least 1.4% of egg yolk. In addition, the air content in this dessert is approximately from 15 to 30%. Compared to ice cream, the consistency of cream is more dense and homogeneous.

This dessert was first introduced to consumers at the World Exhibition in Chicago in 1933.

Frozen yogurt

It is easy to guess that yogurt is used as the basis for this dessert. It is made of milk powered by bacteria – Bulgarian stick and thermophilic streptococcus. However, probiotics do not withstand the process of freezing.

Frozen desserts, in which there are no or almost no milk

What ice cream is different from Gelato, sorbet and other frozen desserts


Sherbet is made of fruit. It should be at least 50% of the fruit juice of the single fortress and only 1-2% milk fat.


Unlike Scherbet, there is no milk in the sorbet. It is done only from fruits and sugar. When cooking sorbets stirred slowly. Sometimes it is served in restaurants between changing dishes, as this dessert improves digestion and refreshes flavoring receptors.

The appearance of this delicacy dates back to History of Sorbet. VII century BC. NS.

Italian Loda

This dessert, also known as the "Granite", is similar to ice flakes. Such a structure is obtained due to the fact that in the process of preparation of the ice, it is cleaned from the walls of the freezer. Italian ice is made of syrup and fruit puree.

What ice cream is different from Gelato, sorbet and other frozen desserts

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