What if the ATM does not give your card

If you put a card into an ATM in the hope of removing your blood or replenish the score, and instead he just ate it and did not favor, it is very disappointing, but deciding. You just need to know how to act in such a situation.

Why do ATMs do not return cards

Causes can be very different, from quite good (protecting your money) to banal software failures and mechanical malfunctions. ATM will not return to you, if:

  • You have entered the wrong PIN code several times;
  • You tried to take advantage of an overdue or blocked card;
  • Map is modified or has mechanical damage;
  • You are trying to spend suspicious, from the point of view of an ATM, operation – for example, remove all funds from the account;
  • You did not take the card after the time specified on the ATM screen;
  • ATM coat or broke.

In the latter case, an ATM is either completely stopped submitting signs of life, or a service message about failure or technical malfunction will appear on the screen. If the ATM swallowed the card and shows a standard invitation to the maintenance of the next client, this means that your card is delayed, and not just stuck.

Under such circumstances, in most cases, ATMs issue a check in which the Card Detention Code is specified. Do not throw it away, it will be useful to you when making an application for a refund. If the ATM did not give you such a check, nothing terrible. No check is not the reason for refusal to return the cards.

What to do first and what not to do in no case

The first thing to try is forced cancellation of the operation. Press and hold the "Cancel" button within a few seconds. Sometimes it helps and the ATM returns a map.

What if the ATM does not give your card

In any case, do not leave the ATM over the next 20 minutes, because if it is hung, it can after some time and "drop".

What exactly should not be done, so it knock on an ATM with hands and legs. At best, nothing happens. In the worst, your behavior will attract the attention of the protection and you add yourself trouble.

If the ATM has not returned to you, you have to call a bank to which an ATM belongs to. On the device itself, as a rule, there is a bank name and a contact phone for which you will explain what to do next. If the ATM is located in the bank building, contact your employees: You may be lucky and enough will just write an application for a refund and wait for the collection. It all depends on the internal rules of the bank.

If the card has written the ATM of your bank

If the incident occurred with a bank ATM, which gave you a card, then the return procedure will be simple, although it will take some time. That’s what you need to do.

  1. Notify on the phone that happened, name your data and data cards, as well as if necessary, answer the test question. An employee of the bank will tell you where and with what documents you need to contact for registration of the Card Return Statement.
  2. Block the map. This is optional, but the recommended step, especially if the map has disappeared due to the malfunction of an ATM. So you will definitely confident that outsiders will not use your money.
  3. Find out what you need to release an additional card. In many cases, this happens faster than the return of the switched card.

If the map did not return another bank

If the card remained in an ATM of an third-party bank, it will have to communicate with him too. In this case, the algorithm of action will be such.

  1. First of all, call the Bank that serves an ATM and find out how you can return your card.
  2. Then contact the bank that issued you a map and report on what happened. You may need a confirming letter from your bank, which you will need to provide the Bank – the owner of the ATM.
  3. Be sure to lock the map.
  4. Request an additional card from your bank. In this case, it accurately makes sense, since the return procedure may be very long. The fact is that some banks return other people’s cards not personally, but solely through those banks that they released.

How to progress

Write down and always have a contact number of the bank, who issued you the map, the card number, the term of its action and the answer to the secret question.

Try not to use ATMs on which the telephone service organization is not specified.

Also, if possible, try not to use ATMs, rarely visited places. The fact is that the collection of such ATMs is carried out once a few days.

You can also order an additional card in advance. In this case, if the main card is stuck in an ATM, you will still have access to the funds on the score.

Temporary card loss does not mean loss of money. Your funds remain in your account and will not go anywhere. Moreover, you can contact the bank with a statement of issuing you the desired amount.

What if the ATM does not give your card

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