What if the ATM swollen money

Imagine the situation: you inserted an impressive stack of bills into an ATM, he "ate them," he wanted a couple of minutes and asked yet. Or recalculated incorrectly and did not give out the balance. Or money was credited normally, but do not come to the account. And now you are standing in front of a soulless car in absolute shock: And without money, and without evidence. What to do?

Do not panic

Machine problems may arise due to a short-term failure in the system. Sometimes it is worth just waiting for a few hours to make money entered at the expense.

This Council does not work if the ATM beat your bills or incorrectly recalculated them when. He can give the remainder after some time lapse. If you are not at that moment near you, and the money will take the casual passerby, return the cash will be much more difficult.

Secure all the details

Faulty ATM can not only not give you money, but also leave without a check. To further prove the fact of deduction from you by the malicious apparatus, be sure to remember or write down the following data:

  • The exact time of the banking operation (date, clock and minute);
  • The address of the ATM and its number, if it is specified on the front side of the device;
  • the amount of money made by you and retained by the cash apparatus;
  • Availability or lack of video surveillance cameras (records can confirm all your actions).

Contact bank

If the device burned to your money stands in the bank branch, then you need to contact employees. But where to go in controversial situations?

  • If the map was issued by one bank, and you worked with her with an ATM of another organization – contact the bank-owner of the ATM.
  • If the problems arose in another state, and you do not have time nor sufficient knowledge of the language – contact the bank that issued you a map. But remember that checking the transboundary operation can take up to two months.
  • What if the ATM swollen money

Call the hotline of the bank (the phone can be listed on an ATM or your card), without departing from the scene. You will instruct about the procedure for a similar situation. Some organizations can even accept the retention of cash right by phone.

If you do not register your application by phone, leave a written claim to the Bank. It states:

  • about you (O information.AND.O. and passport data);
  • Map information;
  • information about ATM (his number and address location);
  • the incident information (date and time to work with ATM, the type of operation being performed, The inserted and retained amount of money);
  • demand for the return of your money.

Statement "zazhovannyh ‘money must be submitted no later than the day following the date of the ATM failure.

The bank branch will accept your application and register. Treatment by number you will be able to further control the solution to your problem. For reliability remove a copy of the claims being made and leave it yourself. Or make a conversion to duplicate and ask the operator to put a signature of acceptance of his.

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In fact, a claim bank will investigate. When collecting will be checked, whether there is extra money in ATM, then if necessary, browse recordings from video surveillance cameras and track money transfers.

A formal term for investigating such situations – up to 45 days, so wait is pretty.

Go to court

Alas, sometimes bank employees may not accept a statement, delay the timing of the investigation or deny the fact of losing money. In such cases, you can protect your rights through the court.

This includes a statement of claim with a description of problems with ATM and inaction of banking workers. It will be useful to attach written evidence – a copy of your claim to the bank. Moreover, in addition to the return of money, you can demand:

  • Interest for the use of other people’s money – as, in fact, the bank illegally held your accumulations on their accounts;
  • Compensation of moral damage – in cases of incorrect behavior of bank employees.

Unfortunately, the timing of the trial is even longer than a bank investigation. However, this can be a real tool for returning one’s own money.

How to protect yourself from a tow

To reduce the risk of problems when working with ATMs, it suffices to follow uncomply recommendations:

What if the ATM swollen money

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