What if you burned in the sun

Solar burn is an unpleasant injury that is caused by damage to the skin due to ultraviolet action. The skin is blushing, becomes sensitive, hurts and itches. And a few days later, when the redness passes and irritation decreases – peeling appears, the skin peels.

Most often we burn on the beaches where sand and water reflect the sun’s rays right on us, and in the mountains where ultraviolet radiation is stronger. Especially not lucky people with white leather and freckles.

How to cure solar burn

    • As soon as you felt that the skin was reddened, immediately hide from the sun, better in the cool room.
    • Drink as much as possible to compensate the loss of liquid and help rapid skin healing.
    • Cool the skin under cool water for 20 minutes. Cold compress can help: Moisten a soft tissue with water and attach to the spot of burn.
    • Can drink paracetamol or ibuprofen for anesthesia.
What if you burned in the sun
  • Processing the burn with special panthenol-based means. Especially convenient to use the means in the form of a spray for the treatment of burns.
  • It is not necessary to smear the twisted place by sour cream and other folk remedies so that the damaged skin does not have to fight and allergic or bacteria.
  • Hide from the sun and wear loose clothes from natural fabrics while the skin will not restore.

When you run to a doctor

It cannot be said that sunburn – a trifle that does not need to pay attention to. According to WHO, ultraviolet directly affects the risk of skin cancer. And the burn says just that you with ultraviolet moved. In some cases, it is necessary to see the doctor immediately:

  • You burned hard: not just burned shoulders and nose, but, let’s say, burned to the belt. The greater the burn area, the more dangerous.
  • The temperature rose, and you znobit.
  • Hurry hurts and spins the head, gently.
  • Bubbles and edema appeared on the skin.

In these cases, the doctor will appoint additional treatment.

How not to get sunny burn

The probability of burning depends on the UV index. Than he is higher, the more seriously needed defense. There is an exemplary table in which you can see the latitude when and where the sun is dangerous. If the UV index is lower than three, then the protection against the sun is not needed, if it is below seven – a moderate, and if above these values ​​- you need to hide from the Sun. In summer, protect the skin is almost everywhere, especially if you have a lot of moles or in the family someone sick skin cancer.

How to do it:

  • Use sunscreen. The higher the UV index, the stronger the protection factor should be. Do not spare cream. For reliable protection, an adult man needs 6-8 teaspoons of lotion, and do not forget to smear the neck and ears.
  • Do not wait when the skin is heated. Sunny burn is immeasured because the wind or water on the beach cool the skin. And when she starts to hurt – it’s too late. So do not let the weather cheat yourself, the wind does not interfere with the sun burn you.
  • Enter the sun. Even if you want to shoot, then crawl off the sun, for 10-15 minutes, and rest in the shade. To do this, even invented special applications that prompt how much and how to be in the sun.

And remember that children should not sunbathe at all. For the production of vitamin D, it is enough to walk in the summer in the shade of trees, and not roasting on a beach skillet.


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