What if you lost the documents while traveling abroad

While you are in someone else’s country, the main problem for you remains the loss of passport. Without a document certifying the person abroad, you will not be able to go back. Not to stay illegal in a foreign land, you need to contact several services.

1. Lost and found

If the backpack with the documents did not pull out of your hands, you just left him somewhere and did not find it in place, there is a chance that the bag was given to the Lost and Found airport department, or the bus driver, or a cafe waiter. Accordingly, and you should turn back to find out if there was no disappearance.

If the bank cards also disappeared, it is better to block them at this stage, because you deprive you of all the money – this is for attackers a little minute.

2. Police

If the bag was not found, it is obvious that she fell into other people’s hands. In this case, go to the nearest police station and explain the problem. If you do not know the local language, and the guards of the order do not speak English, show the acting abilities, show the pantomime, draw the resulting on paper, arrange a puppet play – anything so that you understand that you understand.

Your goal is to apply for theft and get a document that confirms.

According to the recommendations of the general recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the police document is not mandatory for issuing a certificate for returning to the our Federation. But its presence will facilitate understanding in the consulate.

If you have a confirmation of applying in your pocket, there is another moment. Thieves can assign everything valuable, and drop documents. Common citizens in this case often bring found papers into the police. So ask what number and how often you should call to find out if there was no disappearance.

3. Diplomatic representation

With a certificate from the police, go to the consulate of the our Federation. Capture two photos with a size of 35 × 45 mm or 30 × 40 mm.

The main task is to confirm your identity.

If you have an internal passport, there will be no problems. If he disappeared and he will have to find two citizens of Russia over 18 years old and with passports on the hands, which will confirm writing that you are the one for whom to give yourself. If you are traveling alone, try searching for compatriots in groups in social networks and on forums. As a last resist, employees of the consulate, who are also citizens of the our Federation can come to the rescue.

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Any documents with photos and seals will be useful. True, on their verification, consulate staff will need extra time. Copies of the inner and foreign passport will also not be superfluous.

As a result, in the diploma, you will be given a certificate for entry into the our Federation, according to which you can return to your homeland.

With the testimony you must enter the our Federation within 15 days. Then you will have three days to pass it in the management of MIGRATION issues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

4. Airline

At the reception you will be waiting with a passport. Therefore, contact the airline in advance and explain that the circumstances have changed.

It is better to come to the airport early, as the airline employees may have additional questions.

What if you lost the documents while traveling abroad

Where to contact Russia

After returning to the country you will have to go through the quest for all lost documents. You can do this in several ways.

1. Portal "State services"

Select the section "Life Situations", then "Your Documents are lost or stolen?"And get access to appropriate services. Next, act in accordance with the Site Instructions.

2. Multifunctional centers

Here you can get duplicates SNILS, CHAS policy, marriage certificates, divorce, internal and abroad passports. You can sign up in MFC via the Internet.

3. Profile departments

Passports will have to go to the management of the Migration Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Your Region, for SNILS – to the Pension Fund, for Driving Rights – in the traffic police, for the Policy of the OMS – to the insurance company.

Documents of non-state importance like a student ticket or skipping to work restore through services that were issued.

How to prepare in case of loss of documents

Chief Council: Watch out for things, it will help to avoid all problems. But you can do and something else.

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