What if you started the kitten

There is no way back, woolen lumps already trying to ramp on your bed and stay here to live at least forever. After the kitten first turned out to be in a new place, he can manifest stress, especially after separation with mom-cat. As a rule, in young individuals, he quickly passes and lasts a few days.

More difficult to change the place tolerate adult animals. They are scary, sad and lonely, they can scare sharp sounds, noise, another animal (if it is already in the house), excessive attention of young children.

Little kitten can run away, hide, do not go on hands. Do not worry, it’s fine.

It is not worth allowing the kitten from secluded places. Take care of patience and create a calm atmosphere around. Do not talk with a kitten on elevated colors. Provide it for concern, comfort and safety. Make sure that your pet is not entangled in the wires, did not fall and did not climb into the narrow slit.

Overly panicing too. Let the animal to get used in space, inspect everything and make sure that it is safe. It will take quite a bit of time, and the cat himself will ask for hands.

What to buy?

First of all, your pet will be needed for meals for food and water, bratechka and a tray with filler. The choice of filler will take time: the pet may not like the first option, then you will have to go through everything until you stop the fact that the cat likes. Presentations are now presented in the pet stores: woody, commercial, absorbing, silica gel. If the breeder has already taught the animal to any type of filler, then the easiest way to follow his recommendations.

After some time, you can buy all the toys in the nearest pet store and choose a large house for a cat, but the pet will still like to drive a fantasy from candy and sleep in the box from the iron. Therefore, we still advise you not to spend much, but to make toys a favorite yourself.

Do I need to immediately carry the kitten to the veterinarian?

Even if it seems that it is externally healthy, it may not be so. Visiting the doctor as early as possible, you will protect yourself and your animal. From harsh truth not to leave: and the most cute in the light of the cats can pick up parasites. For example, fleas will not give the life of the whole family. To bring them out, for small kittens veterinarians advise to use drops on the withers, less often – shampoo. Often wash your pet doctors doctors do not recommend: cats on the skin have a protective layer, whose flushing threatens skin diseases.

Regardless where you decided to buy a pet (friends, shelters, breeders, exhibition, market, on the street), you must first visit the veterinary clinic and only after that brings a pet to the house.

There are often cases when kittens are purchased in expensive nurseries with a veterinary passport and a marker about vaccination, and at home detect deprive, from which they did not catch. Begins infection of the whole family, pet isolation and long-term treatment.

If the cat is processed from helminths, ectoparasites and already has a primary vaccination (2-3-month age), then it is perfect. If the pet is not a month, then all hiking in the veterinary clinic will have to make the owner.

Than feeding it?

At the very beginning, a decision on the further diet of the animal is made: dry or wet food or natural food. Yes, you saw the cat’s cat in the cottage ate cucumbers straight from the bed and fish from the bucket, but this is not the case. Ask the past owners than they fed a pet. The choice of feed depends on many factors: the breeds of the cat, its age and the owner budget.

From natural food for a two-month-old kitten suitable bedding baby mashed potatoes for first dust and cottage cheese. If your new family member does not eat day or two, it means that the nutrition is chosen wrong. In this case, it is better to contact the veterinarian.

What if you started the kitten

How to teach the kitten to the toilet?

Here as with a child: you have to put the baby in the tray and stay with him, waiting for the result. Remember: to poke a cat in his own puddle meaningless. So you just make him fear.

Put the tray into place that the cat chose, and you will have a chance that it will return there again, but will already be taken to the toilet. Stage of teaching to the toilet, as a rule, lasts no more than a month.

If the fluffy lump went by, then you need to take a napkin or paper, getting into a puddle, give a sniff kitten and put in a tray with filler. Also handle the place of liquid that eliminates odors, or vinegar solution.

There are really effective professional washing-disinfectants, allowed for use for animals and perfectly cope with the problem of smells (this is especially true for small kittens and for non-stirred cats). If you have processed one place with a special neutralizer smells, it does not mean at all that the cat will not choose another and immediately goes to the tray.

How often to communicate with a new pet?

Than younger than the kitten, the more attention he is required. Perfect option – Take a pet on the weekend. So you can quietly teach him everything important, get used to each other and no longer worried, leaving the house.

Despite the wayward character, cats often flasher without communication. Be affectionate (but not annoying) with pet, and he will definitely reciprocate.

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