What is a man’s design and can he be able to make you happier

The design of a person is a teaching, according to which the personality and fate of each person can be determined at the place and time of his birth. It looks like astrology (actually, the design of a person is some and called Why Human Design Is the New Astrology "New Astrology"), only with more detailed and practical recommendations.

In addition to the pseudoscience, the influence of the heavenly bodies on human destinies, the design of a person, according to his adepts, combines Chinese philosophy and Jing, the Hindu system of Chakras and, unexpectedly, quantum physics and genetics. Analyzing various factors, "designers" make up the so-called individual diagram – Bodigraph (from England. "Body schedule") man.

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In Bodigrafe, supposedly encrypted Introduction of the Human Design System All information about a particular person: about his health, character, inclinations, weak and strengths. Thanks to this data, the fans of theory suggest, you can learn better. And at the same time find out, given the congenital characteristics, what the life path is destined to you.

Who invented the design of a person and how it should work

As the legend says, the person’s design system created Ra Uru Hu & The History of the Human Design System Canades Alan Robert Krakover in 1987. At that time he worked as a school teacher on Ibiza Island. Once Alan experienced a mystical experience, during which he met with the highest mind. He dictated Krakower the basics of the "designer" theory.

After that, the school teacher Krakroker disappeared, instead of him a character appeared with a complex mystical name of RA Uhru Hu, and all people, according to Ra, were divided into four types of Inside The Art of Human Design With Erin Claire Jones – in accordance with how They interact with the world around.

  1. Generators. To them, according to the theory, 70% of the population. These are active curious people who seek to reveal the secrets about themselves and the universe. Their disadvantage – hurried and stormy thirst for activity, because of what the generators often fail.
  2. Projectors. Make up 20% of the population. They reveal their talents only if someone supports them. Problem projectors – find such a supportive person. So they should be able to listen and look close to others.
  3. Manifestors. 9% of the population. Independent, do not like control, but must be prepared for the fact that the surrounding them will not accept.
  4. Reflectors. 1% of the population. Under appropriate conditions, can perform any of the three other roles. But they need to understand what type they need at a specific point.

In the theory of man design, of course, there are much more detailed and deep characteristics of each category. The adepts of this teaching will be happy to tell those who need to behave and what to do to live the right (destined) and happy life. However, there is one point.

"No need to believe in design" – direct text called Human Design IS Your Genetic Code Ra Uru Hu, who died in 2011. With a continuation: they say, it is worthwhile to check how it works.

But we will better analyze the facts.

What is wrong with the design of man

Theory has no scientific confirmation

If you do not consider the resources involved in promoting the design of a person, it will be found that other information about the philosophy of RA Uru Hu is practically no. And the one is located on the "Dictionary of Skeptics from Abracadabra to Zombies" type sites, where weird beliefs and dangerous delusions – theories that have no significant scientific confirmation.

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Fact: There is no unified scientific research on the topic of individual bodigraphones. Obviously, the design of a person is considered the same pseudoscience Science and Pseudo-Science as Astrology.

It is unlikely that the design of a person will help to understand yourself

The theory of Ra Uhru Hu offers to divide people into four types. That is, you will have to decide which of the categories you feel.

Next, reading about "your" type, you will predictably begin to customize the unique features of the person and the motives of their actions under the set pattern. This is a long-known Personal Gullibility or Pseudodiagnosis: A Further Test of the "Fallacy of Personal Validation" Cognitive distortion.

Man design is a story not about you as a unique personality. And about some type that you unconsciously decide to become.

It is doubtful that the design of a person will make you happier

Theoretically become happy and really finding your way can the perfect person, fully corresponding to one of the four "designer" types. With a high probability it is not real you.

What is a man's design and can he be able to make you happier

Look for your way to happiness and develop not in the pointer of the guru more difficult. But this is the only way, the effectiveness of which is more or less proven practice.

How to replace the design of a person

The reasons why people are fond of astrology and other pseudosciences in the style of "Know yourself" have long been studied. Basic – Barnuma Effect The "Barnum Effect" in Personality Assessment: A Review of the Literature. . It was discovered in 1947 as a result of a simple experiment.

The experimenter distributed questionnaires to volunteer students, saying that according to their results, an experienced psychologist will make an accurate portrait of their personality. And indeed: when students received a conclusion, they all appreciated its accuracy very high – by 4.6 scores on a 5-point scale.

Only in fact the "experienced psychologist" did not exist. Volunteers received the same description in which they learned together. The reason was that the description corresponded to two parameters.

  1. It was very vague. It contained phrases like "In the depths of the soul you need to love and took" – that is, the theses under which any person will sign.
  2. Slightly flattering. "You have our own point of view and ready to defend" – who is recognized in the opposite?

Conclusion is simple: we all want to know about ourselves something abstract good. So that the inner voice told: "And yet I am a good person and make the right things". This soothes.

But if the goal is only to feel good and calm down, it is possible to implement it without pseudo-scientific theories. For example, so.

Try to deal with yourself with the help of psychological tests

There are dozens of tests that allow you to better know ourselves.

  • 10 serious psychological tests that can be passed on the Internet
  • 10 psychological tests that will help better know ourselves

They have a huge plus: psychologists – delicate people, so in the results of testing you with the highest probability will report that you are a "good person", only with certain inclinations. Even if in your character there are negative features, they are only gently emphasized. This will allow you to keep self-esteem and at the same time think about the existing problem.

Observe with your anxiety

It is the alarm that you will not be taken that you are some "not like that", drives in search of comforting pseudophilosophy. "I am a boring pedant, but that’s because I am a Virgo" – can console yourself an amateur astrology. "I’m talked, but in the journal it says that this month everything will go well with me!"- tells yourself a lover of horoscopes.

The simplest way to cope with anxiety is to learn to resist stress. Pour, take the time on the hobby, breathe deeply, lead the lists of cases. Effective techniques – dozens.

If the alarm is not overcome, consult your doctor: therapist or psychotherapist.

Try psychotherapy

From time to time it is worth passing through all: psychotherapy is like a hygiene procedure for the body, only oriented to the psyche.

If you feel that you can not find a support in yourself, if you worry obsessive thoughts or you can’t figure out what you want from relationships, career, life in general, then the psychotherapist will help you find out what is the problem. And tell me how to overcome it.

What is a man's design and can he be able to make you happier

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