What is a ruminance and how to stop analyzing everything

We are all sometimes infinitely thinking about something: the long-lasting presentation of the work project, yesterday’s quarrel with the second half, toast that agreed to pronounce friends at the wedding. Yes, a quarterly report on the nose. We go through in my head that it was necessary to say, or we are trying to plan everything to the slightest details.

In most cases, this is relatively safe and brings no more stress than the title-in-headed song. But there are people who simply can’t stop thinking out. And it creates more experiences.

Such an insurmountable habit of everything to rethink is called a ruminance, or mental chewing. Repeating experiences when a person endlessly scrolls the same situation in the head, resemble the process of fastening herb cows.

They chew, swallow, then jerk and chew again. For them this is a normal process. Well, we, people, constantly "felt" their disturbing thoughts. And there is nothing good.

Rumination does not bring any benefit, but only steals time and energy. It is so exhausting that he makes a person more vulnerable to anxiety and depression, while at the same time being a symptom of these states.

Regardless of whether we can change what happened or to predict something, our brain is sometimes docked on trying to control uncontrollable. And as a result, the depressive person reflects on the losses and mistakes of the past, and the alarming hostage is sinking in matters "what if?"At the same time always drawing a negative outcome in its imagination.

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As a rule, most complex issues are solved by thorough thinking and weighing. But the ruminance is just a repetition of thoughts (more often than negative) without an attempt to look at the problem from a different point of view.

Rumination does not allow you to get another idea or understanding of the problem. She just twists you like a hamster stuck in the wheel of emotional torment.

What harm bring obsessive thoughts

Inclined to pessimism

Usually you do not think for a long time about good things, but focusing on bad. Do not remember how you managed to destroy the situation at the last moment or successfully joke, but for a long time and stubbornly move the negative in my head.

And the thoughts of obsessive. They constantly pop up in the mind, they are very difficult to get rid of them. Especially when thinking about something is really grieved and disturbed.

Provoke the development of serious diseases

Guy Winch in his book Emotional First Aid: Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure, and Other Everyday Hurts claims: Return to alarming reflections – it’s like constantly picking emotional wounds, not giving them to heal. Every time we have the most thought, it causes anxiety, and stress hormones stand out in the body in a huge amount.

We can languish for several hours and days in our sad thoughts and thereby introduce yourself to the state of physical and emotional stress. As a result, the habit of constant reflections significantly increases the risk of clinical depression, disorders of decision-making, disorders of food behavior, toxicizing and even cardiovascular diseases.

Negatively affect the brain

Margaret Werenberg, psychologist and author of books on the fight against anxiety and depression, declares that constant repetitive reflections lead to a change in the neural bonding system in the brain.

"Rumalization actually changes its structure, just as the pedestrian path turns first into the roadway, and then – in a wide motorway with a large number of congresses. And every time it is becoming easier and easier to dive into reflections ".

Do not give distract

At some point, the ruminance becomes the usual way of thinking. And in the end, switch to something else works with difficulty. The same who believes: "If I just think about it for a long time, I’ll deal with everything," – makes a mistake. After all, what is the usual thought, the harder it is to get rid of it.

How to stop thinking about everything

Practice awareness

As in many issues related to spiritual health, awareness always helps. First of all, you need to determine which of your thoughts of intrusive, and in your mind to mark them as dangerous.

According to Wincha when thought is often repeated – or it starts to do it – you need to cling to it and turn into a task that will help solve the problem.

What is a ruminance and how to stop analyzing everything

For example, the phrase "I can not believe what happened" Convert to "What I can do to not happen again?". "I have no close friends!"-" What steps to take to strengthen relationships with friends and find new?".

Perfect bad thoughts in the beginning

Prepare a stock of positive assertions. For example, "I try my best" or "I will support me if necessary".

According to Werenberg, in order to not give a repeating thought to return to the usual way, you need to "erase the trace", that is, to plan what to think instead.

It sounds simple, but it is one of those things that are easy to understand and hard to do.

Get distracted to get out of a closed circle

Winch advises to redirect their attention to something requiring concentration. Ansure for 2-3 minutes: Cancel the puzzle, perform a memory task. Any classes for which the concentration is needed will be enough to get rid of insurmountable thrust to obsessive thoughts.

If you are distracted every time this thought appears, the frequency and the intensity with which it floods in mind will decrease.

Get a diary where you will sell your experiences

It may seem a strange offer to pay an obsessive thoughts even more attention. But write them useful. Especially those who often can’t fall asleep due to reflection.

In this case, put a notebook and the handle by the bed and write down what does not give you peace. Then tell me that these thoughts are now on paper, you will surely not forget them. And now you can rest some time from them.

Contact help

Meditation awareness and cognitive techniques most often help people take their own thinking under control. But there are cases when a person still does not manage to cope with the problem alone.

If you feel that obsessive thoughts seriously interfere with living, it is worth contacting a professional.

What is a ruminance and how to stop analyzing everything

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