What is able to sports smart watch Huawei GT 2E

Your results in sports and fitness are influenced by many circumstances, starting from the correctness of the selection of the load and ending with the quality of sleep and the level of stress.

Sports smart watches will help track and take into account all these factors. Gadget constantly analyzes your condition: determines the optimal load and recovery time, blood saturation with oxygen, stress level and endurance indicators.

Based on this information, you get tips – how and how much you need to play sports and relax to turn your body into an ideal car, but do not ride in overtraining.


  • Name: Huawei GT 2e.
  • Display: 1.39 inches, AMOLED, HD, 454 × 454 pixel resolution.
  • CPU: KIRIN A1.
  • RAM: 32 MB.
  • Compound: Bluetooth 5.1 with BLE / BR / EDR support.
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic, capacitive, air pressure sensor, optical cardiac rhythm sensor, light sensor.
  • Geopositioning: GPS + GLONASS.
  • Battery: 455 mA · h.
  • Charging time: 2 hours.
  • Working hours: up to 14 days.
  • Case materials: stainless steel, plastic.
  • Waterproof level: 5 atm (50 meters).
  • Compatible operating systems: iOS 9, Android 4.4 and higher.
  • Strap: Removable, from thermoplastic polyurethane.
  • Dimensions: 53 x 46.8 x 10.8 millimeters.
  • The weight: 43 grams (without strap).


In addition to smart hours, there are also a box:

  • charging station;
  • USB wire for connecting;
  • warranty card;
  • Quick Start Guide in our.

Autonomy and charging

Huawei GT 2e watch equipped with KIRIN A1 processor with energy saving algorithms 2.0. This means that the gadget will work quickly, track your performance in the afternoon and at night and occasionally save energy.

You can easily go on a little journey – Huawei GT 2e cost without charging for two weeks.

To feed the device, you need to connect it to the charging station, and then using the wire to a computer or USB adapter.


Huawei GT 2E Sports orientation reflected in design. They have more flat and oblong buttons than GT 2, and the monolithic mount of the strap.

Also added perforations on the strap itself, and it is really important for sports hours. The skin under them will not sweat during training and will dry quickly after contact with water.

Solid stainless steel case, color screen 1.39 inches, removable straps of different colors. The clock looks youthful and stylish, but at the same time come under any option.

Moreover, you can change the design by choosing from 12 dial modifications. There are neutral screensavers for lovers of classics, and colorful youth screens in the style of comics and graffiti – there will be options for any age and mood.

In general, Huawei GT 2e can be bolded to name the universal model, which will look cool and on the male hand, and on a thin female wrist.

Setup and management

Smart watch turn on top button. Immediately after activation, you are offered to choose a language, and then download the Huawei Health application and synchronize the device with the phone.

All manipulations take 2-3 minutes. Then you need to fill out the data in your profile in the application – so smart watches will more accurately determine the burned calories and the load needed for you.

Top Clock Button Calls Main Menu, Lower – Sports Modes. The remaining actions you make using the touchscreen. To return to the previous menu item, it is enough to make swipe left right.

Svayp in any direction from the main screen calls a section with selected features. By default, there are your activity, music, weather, stress level and pulse, but you can change this list in the settings.

You can also set another feature for the bottom button – select any item of the main menu.

Sport modes

By default, in the "Training" section you see 15 professional sports modes. There are workouts on the street, such as walking, running, cycling or triathlon, as well as options for housekeeping or in the gym – on a treadmill, elliptical and rowing simulators.

The very first point in the training tab – running courses, and it is really a steep thing, both for beginners and experienced runners.

The section includes 13 full programs distributed by level of training and goals. There is a basic plan for beginners (with alternating walking and running), and plans for weight loss, increasing endurance, running speed and overwhelmed distance.

Just run a suitable training session and follow the instructions on the screen. The clock displays the required running time, reported on which pulse you work, and show other important parameters.

You will go on a run with a complete confidence that you do everything right and achieve your goal.

By the way, if you are going to prepare for the Rabies, see workout plans in the application. You can choose the number of classes and days of rest per week and get a complete individual program.

But running and other types of cyclic cardio – this is not all that Huawei GT 2E can offer. In fact, you are unlikely to be able to call so many sports as there are in these smart watches.

Among the 100 modes, you can find climbing and skateboarding, yoga, crossfit, different types of martial arts and dancing, wrap circling, game in darts and even launching the air snake.

In addition, Huawei GT 2E support winter activity, ranging from skating and hockey and ending with Sunny sports and biathlon.

In general, you hardly use the option "Other" – among GT 2E programs there will be almost any kind of training, active entertainment and extreme sports.


What is able to sports smart watch Huawei GT 2E

In any sporty mode, you see all your data: the time spent on occupation, the number of calories burned and pulse. Also, depending on the mode, the pace of movements may be displayed on the screen, the number of steps, lifting and descents and other information.

It is possible to set the goal of the workout: for example, to work in certain pulse zones, there is some distance or spend the desired amount of calories.

While the device stays in sports mode, every half hour comes notice of the duration of classes and lost calories.

At the end of training, all activity data is loaded into the application and form your statistics.


In this section, you see all your workouts, you can open each of them and see results.

The screen displays the spent calories, the distance traveled, as well as information about which pulse zones you were during the class.

Also, the data is discharged into an application where you can open them separately or view statistics for the week, month and year.

Since smart clocks support GPS + GLONASS, you can see the route of any activity on the street. And also – turn on the marks showing kilometers. This feature can come in handy in the preparation of routes for the following training – you will know exactly where to start and finish the jog to overcome the desired distance.

Tracking progress

To regularly play sports, a person needs motivation, and the creators of Huawei GT 2e have provided this moment. You not only see your workout statistics and activity – which is also nice, but also witnessing how your level of training is increasing.

Smart watch counting VO2MAX, or maximum oxygen consumption, – the main endurance indicator. You see how your preparation is growing, and it motivates no worse than the praise of the coach.

Also in the record of each occupation displays its effect depending on the intensity. Light loads help recover, more serious – support form or increase endurance.

If you train too intensely, the application will tell you when it’s time to reset the turnover to not harm the body. This feature is useful for those who find it difficult to force themselves to possess in class and for those who have to brake.

And after workout the clock will show how long it takes to restore. Moreover, you do not need to memorize anything and read yourself – immediately at the end of the lesson in the menu item "Training Status" turns on the countdown.

By the way, Huawei GT 2e has other features that help the body recover and maintain good health.


The lack of full sleep and intensive stress reduces the level of your preparation, prevent muscle build up and lose weight. Smart clock track these parameters, help find out what is the problem, and fix it.

On the main screen of the application you can see all the main indicators of health and physical activity.

TRUSLEEPTM 2 Technology.0 Determines the duration of different phases of sleep: shallow light, reducing deep and BDG phase, during which you see dreams.

Based on the duration of sleep as a whole and each of its phases, the quality quality index is calculated separately. If the index is low, the smart clock will prompt that you can change to establish parameters and fully rest.


Gadget will track your stress level, focusing on the pulse at rest. To work correctly, to start you need to calibrate – go to the app, answer a few simple questions and sit still so that the clock calculates your pulse in a calm state.

Then you will see your stress level on the schedule and will be able to evaluate what time the day is experiencing the greatest nervous tension.

To calm the nervous system, you can perform lung exercises or breathing practices. By the way, the corresponding program also has in the application.

Breathing exercises

This is a simple, but very useful feature, besides, beautifully implemented. You set the desired duration of the workout and the frequency of breathing, and then inhale and exhale under the pulsating Blue Tao Ball.

Deep breathing helps calm down, remove the tension and slightly increase the concentration of oxygen in the blood.

Blood saturation oxygen

Blood cells Erythrocytes contain hemoglobin – protein that binds oxygen and transmits it according to the body.

Normally, almost all hemoglobin carries O2 molecule, but due to any factors, such as diseases or height difference, part of the proteins can stop binding oxygen.

In the SPO2 menu item you can see if your oxygen is enough. Using the LED and photodetectors, smart clocks determine the percentage of hemoglobin connecting this element.

Analysis takes about 30 seconds during which you need to sit still, and shows how many cells work as it should be, and how many people travel without oxygen.

If SPO2 is below 90%, there is not enough vital element in the blood; If the value is less than 70% – it’s time to consult a doctor.

Activity and steps

If you want to lose weight or reduce the harm from a sedentary lifestyle, in addition to training, you need to move during the day. For example, get up because of the desktop and set a little or go to the kitchen and back.

To help you get used to activity during the day, the clock will remind you of the need to move every hour of continuous seating and give points per each minute workout.

You can evaluate your progress in the "Activity" tab. There displays the number of steps, points for movement and percentage of activity per day.


You can listen to music right from the clock and forget, finally, about running with the phone in your hands.

First you need to throw your favorite tracks in GT 2E through the application (up to 500 songs), and then connect headphones via Bluetooth.

To open the music management screen in sports mode, make swipe on the right left.

You can switch tracks and playlists, adjust the volume, listen to the compositions in random order or set a song to repeat.

Notifications and other useful features

Huawei GT 2e is designed with an emphasis on training, but there are all convenient opportunities for ordinary smart watches in them.

Notifications from any applications on your phone. You will find them in the menu item "Messages", as well as when swipe from the bottom up from the main screen. In the settings in Huawei Health, you can select applications from which notifications will come.

Search for a phone – a call to your smartphone, after which it starts a loud voice to repeat: I’m here.

Timer and stopwatch, barometer, compass, weather and even flashlight. By the way, quite bright – enough to consider the locking well or find something in the dark.


Huawei Watch GT 2e is a gadget for those who only got on the path of self-improvement or already goes on it. Whatever your goal is slimming, good time in the race or growth of indicators in any sport, smart watches will help you achieve it.

Full information about your training and training level, thoughtful clause plans and many convenient features that will make life a little easier. And all this for two weeks without recharging.

If you are already playing sports, prepare for competitions or just plan to dive into the world of physical activity, Huawei Watch GT 2E will be your best friend and motivator. The cost of smart watches – $ 199,99.

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