What is Barre and how to pump the whole body with ballet exercises

Barre is a method of training in which movements from classical dance, yoga and pilates and power exercises are combined.

The technique invented the German ballerina Lotta Berk (Lotte Berk) in the 1940s. But since she did not make a patent, Barre was all over the world in different variations.

As a result, the fitness program has no strict set of movements and combinations, as in Zumba or Pilates. Each coach applies its approach – in a free manner combines ballet pa and stretch poses, adds cardio and power components.

Barre can be engaged in both the choreographic machine and the middle of the room, standing or sitting on the rug, with the weight of her body or burden in the form of dumbbells and expander.

Why try Barre

You should deal with this fitness program if you are interested in the following goals.

Dream to lose weight, but do not like running and other types of cyclic cardio

Exercises Barre load different muscle groups, raise the pulse and make your body burn extra calories.

Calm options movements are less effective for weight loss than long-term running or intense interval training, but at the same time they are transferred much easier, look beautiful and increase the chance that you do not throw it started after a couple of classes.

Moreover, there are intense elements Barre, which can burn no less than a run. Rule One: The longer you work on a high pulse, the more calories will spend VO2 Tests Results for training.

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Want a tightened body, but without relief

Some exercises Barre include actions with small dumbbells or expander. But there will be no rod and heavy shells there.

Squats (Plie) and the legs of the legs will strengthen the muscles of hips and buttocks, slopes and turns will produce press and back, keeping hands in ballet positions and exercises in the end of the lex.

In this case, such a load is not enough for a noticeable increase in muscles in sizes and a clear relief, even if you have a low percentage of fat.

Love ballet, but do not have dance training

Unlike the real classic dance, Barre does not include long heavy workouts at the machine. Here you do not need to pull socks, sit on the twine and balancing on pointe.

At the same time, you will keep hands in ballet positions, perform some simple elements and do it to the music. Barre is your chance to feel like a ballerina, regardless of the level of physical training.

Want to fix the posture

Almost all the exercises Barre include retention of a straight back and neck, lowered shoulders and reservoirs.

To keep such a position you have to constantly strain the muscles. Together with a stretching breast and shoulders in the Yogan poses, it will help the body to get used to the right posture.

Strive to develop flexibility

Barre includes a lot of stretching exercises – both static poses and active movements. In the process of training, you gently grow muscle and improve flexibility.

What you need to do Barre

For training you will need:

  • Comfortable clothing, Do not shy movements: leggings or shorts, sports top sconce and shirt. Shoes do not need – you will do barefoot.
  • Rug. Many Barre exercises are performed on the floor, and the rug is needed not to slide. If it is not, you can upset the blanket.
  • Gymnastic ball. Often in training Barre there are exercises with a small gymnastic ball – he is kept in his hands or clamp between her legs to better feel muscle tension.
  • Light dumbbells. If you want to additionally load muscles, buy dumbbells weighing 1 kilogram.

What to buy

How to warm up before training

Several simple exercises will warm up the body and increase the range of movements.


  • Put your feet together, straighten your knees, straighten and lower your shoulders, draw your stomach and buttocks.
  • Make a small spring squat, raise your hands through the sides and pull up up.
  • Lean forward with a straight back, lower your hands through the sides.
  • Do not bend knees, try to get hands to the floor.
  • Slowly return to its original position, straightening your back – the vertebra behind the vertebra.
  • Repeat 10 times.

Workout stop

  • Put your feet together. Right hold on the full foot, bend the left in the knee, lifting on the half.
  • Now put the right foot on the seams, and lower the left to the entire foot. Simultaneously with the shift of the legs lift the hands up through the sides. Round the elbows, send your wrists with your fingers to each other, palms to the head. In the classic dance, this position is called the third position of the hands.
  • With the next shift of the legs, return the hands through the parties down and cross in front of the body.
  • Continue to move from the semi-footers to the entire foot, accompanying the movement of the rise and lowering the hands.
  • Run 20 times.
  • What is Barre and how to pump the whole body with ballet exercises


  • Put the legs together, right – on the full foot, left – on the half. Straighten your back, lower your shoulders, draw your stomach.
  • Bend the right knee, take a step back to the left foot and put the foot to the floor.
  • Simultaneously lift hands to the third position.
  • Return to the starting position, lowering hands and boards them back.
  • Run 20 times, then change your legs and repeat.

Pelie in side

  • Stand straight, draw your knees, belly and buttocks. Take the first position of the legs: heels together, socks apart.
  • Correct the elbows and cross the wrists in front of the body.
  • Make a wide step right to right foot and go down to squat – plie. Simultaneously with the departure in Plie, throw your hands to the side to the shoulder level palms down.
  • Pull your knees to the side, do not bend your back, keep your neck straight.
  • Substitute left foot, returning to its original position.
  • Perform once again on the right side, and then take two of the same step to the left, returning to the place from which movement began, is one repetition.
  • Make five repetitions.

How to Barre

Find a low steady support to keep it during the exercise. Suitable table or windowsill.

Do all exercises in a row, watch the technique and do not try to perform in the range to which you are not ready. It is better to raise the leg low, but with a straight back and smooth hips than higher, but with a peasive body.

Plie on the semi-winges

Exercise loads Muscles Booter, pumps icy muscles.

  • Stand next to a steady support at your belt level and stick to hand. Put the second hand on the belt.
  • Put the legs together, connect the heels, and the socks are on the sides, climb the half. Tighten your knees, stomach and buttocks, straighten and lower your shoulders.
  • Without touching the heels of the floor, perform sfile in a small amplitude.
  • Deploy your knees to the sides, compress the buttocks. At the top point, straighten your knees completely and strain the muscles on the front surface hip.
  • Make 20 times.

Mahi ahead

Exercise strengthens the muscles of hips and the heads.

  • Stand left sideways to the support and stick for it with one hand. Form place on the belt.
  • Connect the heels, and the socks are diverting to the sides – this is the first position.
  • Straighten your back, lower your shoulders and twist the blades, draw your stomach and knees.
  • Perform Mahi Forward, holding your knees straight. Try to raise the leg higher, but at the same time, watch the back will not bend, and the hips and shoulders did not unfold.
  • Perform 10 Makhs forward.
  • Climb the semi-footers, go back to the first position and make moms forward again.
  • Perform 10 such combinations from the lifting on the half-footers and maha.
  • Turn right side to the support and repeat on the other legs.

Transition from Plie to the half

This exercise will strengthen the buttocks, hips and caviar.

  • Stand left sidel to the support, put my left hand on it. Elbow right hand rounded brush turn your palm to yourself.
  • Put your feet to third position – Expand Socks to the sides, the heel of the right legs press to the middle of the foot left.
  • Straighten your knees, straighten and lower your shoulders, pull the top, draw your stomach and buttocks.
  • Slide the right foot of the Welcome and go down in Plie. Watch the socks of stop and knees to be deployed to the sides, compress the buttocks.
  • Return to the third position at the same time climbing the half. Translate your hand through the side to the third position: rounded the elbow, brush expand the palm to the head.
  • Continue to descend in Plie and go to the seams. Perform 10-12 times.
  • Turn right side to the support and repeat all the same on the other legs.

Flexion and extension of hips in the slope

Exercise strengthens the muscle hips, improves mobility in hip joints, stretches the muscles shoulders.

  • Stand your face to the support and go away from it for two steps.
  • If you have a gymnastic ball, hush it between the knee and the thigh of the right leg and continue to put pressure throughout the exercise. If not, just bend the leg.
  • Bend forward with a straight back to the parallel of the body with a floor, put hands on the support and straighten the knee of the support leg.
  • Take the thigh working leg back and lift it up as high as you can.
  • Translate the thigh forward, trying to get a knee to the chest, and at the same time climb the half. The knee of the support leg is not bend – it remains direct throughout the exercise.
  • Perform 10 such movements by trying to increase the amplitude every time.
  • Change your legs and repeat.

Rift legs in the slope

Exercise perfectly pumps the buttocks.

  • Stand your face to the support and take two steps back. Bend and put hands on it. Straighten your back and hands, check that the body is parallel to the floor, and the angle between the case and legs was 90 degrees.
  • Raise one leg as high as possible, straighten the knee and try to deploy it aside to reveal the hips. Knee support legs do not block – bend it slightly.
  • Smoothly lower and raise a straight straight leg, keep your back straight, try not to deploy the body of the Welcome.
  • Make eight times and leave the leg at the top.
  • Move the leg up and down in a small range. This is called pulsation. Make 16 times and repeat first.
  • Perform three ligaments of this exercise: eight lifting in full amplitude and 16 pulsations in the upper position.
  • Change your legs and repeat.

Climbing on the side

Exercise will strengthen the muscles of the hands, press and honey.

  • Lie on the right side, put your right hand on the roof on the left side, the left palm is placed on the floor in front of the body.
  • Right leg leave on the floor and slightly bend the knee, left – straighten and lift up.
  • Leaning on the left hand, squeeze the body up. Run back and repeat.
  • Make 20 times, then turn on the left side and repeat the same thing from the other hand.

Push ups

For this exercise you need a fresh blanket so that it is not painful to stand on the knee.

  • Take the stop of the lying, the hands will post on the floor ahead of the shoulders.
  • Put one leg on your knee on the carved blanket, shin lift up. Straighten the second leg and put a bent leg on the foot. Your body from the top to the fingers of the elongated leg must be a straight line.
  • Bend your hands and go down to push up, holding a flat body line. Do not raise your head – go down to the moment that there will be no multimeters from the face to the floor, and then squeeze yourself back.
  • Make sure that the body remains direct, do not bend the knee of the raised leg, do not burn the lower back. If you are hard to press, reduce the range – go out only to half and rise back.
  • Perform 10-12 times. Then change your leg and repeat.

Exercises on the press with the ball

This is a long combination for pumping the muscles of the press, hands and thigh flexors.

  • Lie on the floor on your back, lift your legs to a straight angle with the body, draw your knees, remove the hands for the head. If there is a ball, hold it between the legs at the level of ankle.
  • Reject the blades from the floor while holding hands behind the head.
  • Not lowering the blade on the floor, pull your arms along the body.
  • Remove your arms back, and then return to the starting position of the lying on the back. Repeat the combination 10-12 times. Do not hurry – fix each position for one second.
  • Last time do not go back to the floor. Fix the position with the floor-cut from the floor with blades and hands along the body.
  • Move straight hands up and down in a small amplitude. Strain press and legs, do not put the blades on the floor. Perform 30 movements with hands.
  • Do not stop waving hands, smoothly lower and raise straight legs in a small range. Still do not touch the blades to the floor. If the press is very tired, rest for a few seconds and continue. Make eight lifting and lowering.
  • Fix the legs in the extreme position for 10-12 seconds. Keep moving hands.
  • Lower the housing on the floor, put along the body along the body. Raise and lower the pelvis. Perform 16 times.

Rift your feet in Lözka

Exercise will strengthen and stretch the arm muscles, improve mobility hips.

  • Stand in the focus of lying, place the wrist under the shoulders, draw the stomach and buttocks.
  • Bend one leg and pull the knee to the chest, keeping the straight back.
  • Serve the pelvis up, and straighten and lift the working leg and lift as high as possible. Your body must take the position of the turned v – hands and the case are on the same line.
  • Fix the position for a few seconds, do not bend your knees, pull the working leg as above.
  • Return to the stop of the lying, bend the leg and pull the knee to the chest.
  • Take the original position and repeat on the other legs.
  • Perform eight times with each limb.

Side plan with leg lifting

This beautiful exercise perfectly loads the press muscles and honey.

  • Sit on a mat on the right hip and straighten the leg. Bend the left leg at the knee and place the foot over the right foot on the toes. Right hand straighten up in the elbow and steal your palm in the floor.
  • The center of gravity on the right hand and left leg, reject the pelvis from the floor and pull the body into one line. Leave the right foot on the floor, left – on the half-breeds.
  • At the same time lift the left hand and move it up, behind the head.
  • Well stretch with all the body, fix the pose for a second and return to its original position.
  • Tear the right foot from the floor and lift it up. Lock for a second, return back and repeat the combination first.
  • Perform 10-12 times, and then change the parties and repeat.

Where to take a training program

YouTube has a lot of long programs with workouts Barre: both intense – with cardio and strength elements and more relaxed. They last 25 to 45 minutes, include workout and main part.

All videos in English, but everything is clear and without words.

How often can Barre

To begin with, try to train two or three times a week to 30-45 minutes. Then, when your body is strengthened, and the muscles will stop rooting after load, you can increase the number of sessions up to five times a week.

Relax, watch your condition and enjoy classes.

What is Barre and how to pump the whole body with ballet exercises

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