What is better not to publish in social networks not to become a victim of fraudsters

When the social networks appeared, most people safely shared contacts on their pages. The worst thing that could happen is – you would often be able to call unfamiliar people. But with you it was easy to contact, for example, a potential employer.

Now the phone number is better in open access not to publish. First, the contacts are very successfully collecting, to then call and offer loans, legal services and astrological forecast. Secondly, the number can take advantage of fraudsters. The very, from the "Bank Security Service", which in every way lidery codes from SMS and data cards.

All this is unpleasant, but you can resist calls. However, there are still "third": the phone number is now a lot where used as login, two-factor authentication codes come to the mobile. Craftsmen can, having learned contact, hack your accounts, and how lucky. More precisely, you are not lucky. The attackers will be paid to tied cards, blackmailed something that they found in private messages, send spam and learn money from your behalf.

Date of Birth

Of course, it’s nice when congratulations and warm words are lying on you on all sides. But better holiday date in open access.

Fraudsters can use knowledge and on behalf of acquaintances or brand send to social network or by mail a message with a surprise. Unpleasant. It will seem for you that the gift certificate is waiting for you on the link or at least something cute. And there will be a phishing program that will post your passwords.

It would seem, well, who will come to this divorce? We all know that it is impossible to move by how the links fell. But in the midst of the holiday in the message stream it is easy to lose vigilance. This can happen with the most intelligent people. Therefore, it is better to be careful.

Photo of documents

Documents can not be uploading in public access, it is a golden security rule. But sometimes they turn out to be in the network by chance. For example, as illustrations to posts "Hurray, I changed the surname!", Or" Finally issued a foreign. I hate the queue ", or" Look, as I looked at 20!".

But even a random publication of a photo can do expensive. Passport details are easy to use, for example, to obtain a loan in your name or registration of the company – Shirm for criminal divisions.

The rest of the documents also concerns, show caution.

Routes jogs

We since childhood, we know that it is impossible to say strangers to their address. But for some reason I spread the routes for some reason. Although few people are early in the morning (or late in the evening) rides to the other end of the city to work out. Most likely, the start point and the finish will be at your home. That is, find you just.

Photos from vacation

Previously, apartment thieves had to look, is the mailbox filled with, whether the lights light in the windows to find out, whether a person houses. Now we will facilitate the task. We write in social networks, which dates are not available, because we are leaving. We publish photos from hot beaches. Tell me in the comments, what flight will come back. It remains only to write that the spare key under the rug, and all.

It seems that the apartment theft is a crime from the past. Nevertheless, in 2020, in Russia there were 35 brief characteristics of the state of crime in the our Federation in January – December 2020 / MIA thousand. And this, taking into account the fact that the year people spent mostly at home because of a pandemic, that is, the conditions for attackers were not the most appropriate. And if you can minimize the risk of getting into such statistics, it is better to do this.

Family ties

What is better not to publish in social networks not to become a victim of fraudsters

There are many stories when people call, seem like a close man who got into trouble, and ask for money. For example, it may be: "Mom, I hit a man! Me want to plant! Now I will talk to the ensign shmatko. And the accomplice already explains how much you need to pay to smear the offspring.

In the stressful situation, people do not always respond to health. Some and this story is enough to transfer money. And imagine what convincing can be a legend if the fraudster will not call the random number, but on the specially selected. And while the deceiver will know the name of the child and other details of his life.

Better not specify publicly who you brother, swat, colleague or parent. It is clear that sometimes it can be found out by the neighbral paths – for the common last name, for example. But at least do not facilitate fraudsters the task.

Ticket photos

Everything is simple here: the ticket has a barcode that is quite easy to fake. And it is scanned at the entrance once. So if a ticket is falsified, to get to the hall or the stadium will be able to one who used to come, and not the one who paid for him.

Details about children

Proud parents gladly laid out the letters of their child, write posts about his life and hobbies. They can be understood. But alas, consequences may be more affected by fraud.

By certificates it is easy to find out where the child is learning. And additional details will give a criminal information, with the help of which he will be able to win the confidence of the baby, to issue himself for a relative or friend of the family in front of the teacher.

When they talk about child safety, usually discuss how the child needs to lead their accounts and whether they should have them. But adults would also be not bad to slow down.

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