What is body massage and how to do it right

Translated from English Body means "body". Body massage is a type of massage, in which the "specialist" kneads the "client" not only with his hands, but also with all the body, laughing, hidden, belly, belly, face.

This technique is one of the easiest types of erotic massage. It is enough to comply with seven simple rules so that both parties receive a maximum of pleasure from this procedure. And perhaps an impressive orgasm.

1. Arrange suitable place

For body massage will not suit the massage table and even bed. Since this technique requires a full contact with the whole body, as well as the use of special oils, it will require a location that responds by three important conditions.

  • Sustainability and safety. Simple words: find the place from which, even having won, you both will not be able to fall.
  • Spacious.
  • Opportunity not to worry about that you are staining the surface of the oil.

The perfect option is to stay on the floor (or low wide mattress), checking it with something mild, for example, yoga mats or rolls.

2. Create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere

This is an important element of any massage. So that the massage therapist can effectively warm up, work out all the muscles, it is necessary that the partner relates to relax. And in the case of an erotic game atmosphere, that is, the feeling of comfort and security is important – after all, both participants must listen to their feelings, surrendered to them without being distracted by extraneous stimuli.

So do this:

  • Turn off the phone, TV;
  • Close the doors so that no one distorts you exactly;
  • If on the street a bright day – cover the shutter window or tight curtains;
  • Turn on the muffled light, the perfect lighting option – lit candles;
  • Create a comfort atmosphere in the room – lay soft chairs and docks on the floor, disguise the furniture with fluffy plaid;
  • If desired, lit the aromalamp;
  • What is body massage and how to do it right
  • Turn on the soothing, relaxing melody, and if you do not know which, enter in the search engine "Massage and Spa".

3. Prepare massage oil

It will facilitate gliding bodies and make a massage more slight and exciting. Suitable massage lubricant (it will be called "oil for erotic massage") you can buy in sex shop. Note that the product from a conventional supermarket will not fit: the oil will be in contact with the outer genitals and, if it is not created for these purposes, may cause irritation.

Use massage oil as a lubricant for sex is not worth. For this there are lubricants.

Relatively safe option – make oil yourself. Coconut Oil For Sex is best suited to which you can add literally a drop of exciting essential: pink, ylang-ylang, patchouli, sandalwood, neroli, jasmine. Such a mixture will not harm the genital organs, but watch it not to get inside the body.

Do not make a mistake using cold oil – it will seem partner annoying and unpleasant How to Give A Massage That Will Have Your Partner Begging for More .

Therefore, before applying a means to the body, heat the bottle (for example, putting it in a container with warm water) or scroll the oil in the hands.

What to buy

4. Be prepared to change roles

More often body massage holds woman. The man lies and enjoys relaxation and intimate joys.

But this is not an iron rule: a massage therapist can also be a partner. In any case, pleasure will experience both sides.

5. Start with Prelude

Source Position for Body Massage: One of the participants is conveniently located on the belly. The second generously causes warm oil on the palm and cautious, but strong strokes are kneading the partner’s body – starting from the shoulders and back and ending with the feet. Special attention should be paid to the buttocks: the stimulation of this area will strengthen the blood circulation in a small pelvis and will contribute to the excitation.

Prelude will help warm up and relax both parties. Now you can proceed to the most interesting.

6. Experiment with machineries

Body massage can be done by any part of the body – breasts, belly, genitals. The main thing is that contact is tangible.

For example, try to act like this: lower the breasts on the lumbar of the partner, ride it horizontally and here, then climb to the shovels, massage them and go down to your knees. Then come back to the lower back along the same way.

Or slide on the body of a partner from the beer to the chest of the groin area.

Choose the position and the movements that seem to you as pleasant as possible.

7. Allow yourself orgasm

If you organize body massages in accordance with the rules listed above, it will inevitably lead to sexual excitation. You will want to translate contact tel to an even closer, intimate plane. Do not restrain yourself. Orgasm will be a bright exclamation mark in the finals of the erotic game.

But prepare intimate lubricant in advance and condoms so that the end of the body massage is not only pleasant, but also safe.

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