What is common between pastries, sex and beloved music?

Why one song becomes a hit, and you do not remember another, even if they listened to her 10 minutes ago? Scientists from Georgetown University found a statistical Analysis of the relationship Between Harmonic Surprise and Preference in Popular Music. They studied 545 compositions that were included in the weekly Chart Billboard Hot 100 from 1958 to 1991.

Songs that occupied higher positions in the charts or longer were kept in the top, turned out to be similar in structure. They combined the familiar ear of the listener combination of chords and "Harmonic surprises" – non-standard for popular music. In Western compositions, a C-Major or Sal Major. If you change this sequence, for a song listener, it will become a surprise and will influence the development of dopamine – neurotransmitter, which is Dopamine and Serotonin: Brain Chemicals Explained An important part of the brain reward system. Dopamine causes a feeling of pleasure when you eat a delicious cake or have sex.

Moreover, studies using magnetic resonance imaging and positron-emission tomography showed that the release of dopamine when listening to the musical composition occurs on these "unexpected" fragments. If you ever listened to a new song and felt goosebumps, it was.

Our musical tastes are closely related to the cultural context

The opinion that the brain is more supportive to the harmonic consonance by default, has little to do with reality. This has proven the experiment Why We Like The Music We Do scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Brendays. In order for the study to be honest and reliable, they went on a visit to the Indian tribe, whose representatives were not familiar with the classical musical tradition.

It turned out that members of the community participating in the experiment understood the difference between harmonious and disharmonious chords. But at the same time did not give a significant preference to any one type. At the same time, the Americans who also participated in the study, counted harmonious consonance more pleasant for hearing. At the same time, the musicians have the difference being expressed stronger than those who do not engage in music. The experiment proved that the brain has no particular preferences – cultural traditions are solved for us.

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Songs that we loved in youth remain with us for life

We argue, you still run goosebumps at the first chords a long time ago? There is nothing strange here. In adolescence, we are more susceptible to new ideas: the boys have a period of such openness around the unknown one by WE ASKED AN EXPERT WHY WE STAY OBSESSED WITH MUSIC FROM OUR TEENS from 13 to 16 years old, girls – from 11 to 14.

In adolescence, we experience many things for the first time, so they can be particularly severely cut into memory. In these years, we accept many decisions that determine further life, and reserve preferences that form our identity. So, the music that accompanied the teenager during this period, begins to be associated by Why The Music We Love As Teens Stays With Us For Life with important events and people. She becomes a kind of soundtrack for difficult or joyful times.

What is common between pastries, sex and beloved music

How music affects our behavior

If you think it seems to be easier to cope with stress, you don’t seem. Music really helps Can Music Help Me Sleep? calm down and even make a dream. So, if you read the night of the pandemic news and now you can’t sleep, turn on the slow composition with a tempo of about 60 shots per minute. Such melodies help to normalize the heart rhythm: in a falling asleep, it is about the same 60 strikes per minute.

However, you can not get tied to the tempo, but just listen to the songs that you like. Even if it is a genre like havi-metal, which is difficult to call in pacifying. The team of scientists from the Queensland University conducted an experiment on the angry tunes of heavy music: turned out to be Head-Banging Tunes Can Have Same Effect As A Warm Hug, that the favorite tracks did not dislinee the subjects even stronger, but, on the contrary, they helped to cope with aggression and even inspired.

Good news for those who, because of the self-insulation regimen, moved to the remote: Music is able to increase productivity and help tune in to the working way. If you can’t take for work, turn on the classics: it helps These 6 Types of Music Are Known to Dramatically Improve Productivity reduce the level of stress and increases the brain activity. Epic soundtracks and compositions with a pace between 50 and 80 blows per minute will also benefit productivity, but audio recording with words or complex music structure is better to leave for the evening: it will only distract Research Shows Listening to Music Increases Productivity (and some types of Music Are Super Effective) from.

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What is common between pastries, sex and beloved music

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