What is common in Steve Jobs and DR.Dre

Recently, Apple acquired Beats Electronics, which belonged to the musical magnate Jimmy Yovin and Repeer DR.Dre. The terms of the transaction did notice for a long time, and ultimately, she became the most expensive in the history of Apple.

Dr.DRE, whose real name Andre Romell Young, played a very important role in the development of the BEATS brand. He was constantly engaged in improving sound quality and creating upscale headphones. But at the same time, it was obsessed literally to everyone, ranging from television advertising and font styles, ending with writing the text of the BEATS MUSIC streaming service interface.

He never relies on marketing research, as one of his colleagues said, DR.DRE is just a "cultural barometer" of cool things. Its working process is very mysterious, he will make his assessment instantly, personally and with pressure. He often discardes ideas only because they seem to him too "banal" or "poorly", or simply dishes, saying: "I don’t feel so."

Dr.DRE – impulsive perfectionist who neglects artificially established deadlines. It is because of his desire for perfection, he did not release a lot of finished material, despite the fact that it is an incredible workaholic, as he said about him once Paul Rosenberg, lawyer and Eminem manager. For all his career DR.Dre managed to record only two full albums because he is constantly engaged in work with other artists, such as Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar. But he grew significantly in the musical environment as a producer, and now it almost always remains the last word.

What is common in Steve Jobs and

In 2008, together with Jimm Yovin, they founded Beats Electronics, as they wanted to receive a stable income, believing that the technique is more difficult to fake, unlike the creation of pirate audio recordings. They had one understanding of the development of high-quality sound, but a different approach to management. Join tried to talk with dozens of people before accepting this or that decision, and DR.DRE, oddly enough, Domashed, never hesitated and relied exclusively to his own intuition.

Dr.DRE is ready to give up only in rare cases. Once he agreed to compromise when developing special light headphones for PowerBeats athletes, partly sacrificing sound quality. The complex nature of the Rapper may entail some friction with the Apple guide, which BEATS Electronics bought for $ 3 billion. If he is confident in his rightness, he can risk everyone trying to achieve the goal. His lyrics are very peculiar, often impregnated with hatred and narrate the criminal world. Immediately after the completion of the transaction with Apple, DR.Dre recorded a video in which he told about the "first billionaire in the world of hip-hop".

But Apple, like DRE, does not relieve marketing research, the founder of the company Steve Jobs even once said that most users do not know what they want, until they show a certain thing. So, Apple still has to find a common language with a new billionaire. "In which I must come to work?"He joked during a conversation with Craig Federigi at the presentation WWDC 2014.

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