What is common with a businessman and besjumper

Surely you think that Basejumpers are people who jump from high-rise buildings or a parachute cliffs – just crazy sorrive heads, risking their lives every day. If so, then you overlook some important points. They are not just risking – they carefully study every item, carefully prepare and think over all possible options and situations.

This does not happen that the person just walks down the street and said: "Hey, probably, today I should jump off the aircraft" or "Today I have to go to Afghanistan". In fact, it is necessary to seriously engage in planning, to prepare everything and know a lot to find a way out of any situation.

The ability to risk is a process, not a character trait

The idea that the risks are impulsive and reckless, only stereotype. In fact, they are excellent organizers. First of all, they plan concrete steps that will help them achieve goals. Such people do not fully rely on good luck and do not put on their lives and livelihoods without training.

Extremals are successful because the unnecessary number risked on trifles and sought small success. They are focused on the process, they check their skills, they apply different approaches, thereby gradually moving towards the achievement of the main long-term goal.

Stephanie Davis (Stephanie Davis), an experienced Beisjumper, notes that only a few see the work that it stands for every climbing. She took her two years to prepare to be able to climb the mountain El Captain in the Yosemite National Park.

Errors happen

To learn how to risk, not only practice and good luck, but also the right attitude to errors. No need to edit yourself for the wrong decision, you do not need to try to correct the error, you just need to let it go. Kite Sukel, a journalist and the author of the book "The Art of Risk", remembers how one extremal told her: "I’m not mistaken. I just didn’t do to the end. ". Such conviction has become a revelation for it.

What is common with a businessman and besjumper

Risk is not good and not bad

You may think that you are not prone to risk and it is not about you. But you are wrong. Everyone takes on some risks. Even trying not to take risks, you risk not getting some advantages.

Of course, no one likes to make mistakes and be in the lowest positions. But the ability to take small failures will help you avoid larger.

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What is common with a businessman and besjumper

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