What is Crossfit and Crossfit Games: Interview with Castro

Crossfit is a physical training system consisting of constantly varying functional movements performed with high intensity. Exercises performed in crossfit are a combination of an athletics, heavy athletics and gymnastics.

The main feature of the crossfit is a refusal to any specialization. The universal program gives a diverse load, developing several physical qualities at once: force, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, dexterity, balance, accuracy and endurance, and also strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Crossfit training can be easily adapted for people of various levels of preparation and age. Also crossfit is often used to develop functional qualities of swimmers, runners, mixed martial arts fighters, police, firefighters, military. I chose crossfit to strengthen muscles and ligaments involved in long-distance running.

The concept of crossfit in 1974 came up with a former American gymnast Greg Glassman. He experimented with the loads of various variability and intensity and was looking for a methodology for creating workers who would be as efficient and functional as possible. First Vorkut, from which, as it is believed, takes the beginning of the crossfit – this is a ladder of 21-15-9 repeats of trasters (front squats with a rod release + pull-up with free style). Champions now do it in a few minutes. Currently around the world there are already more than 10,000 crossfit clubs, and their number grows daily.

In 2007, Glassman and Castro organized the first crossfit games in Los Angeles. Then they were like a bunch of athletes at the garage, but now the games are collected by the stadium, and the crossfit is considered the fastest growing sport in the US.

In 2010, Reebok and Crossfit agreed on cooperation, which, as I believe, benefited both parties. Athletes and simple lovers got a beautiful and functional equipment, and Reebok got the opportunity to work with a thousand community and improving their products.

In 2011, the open series of Reebok Crossfit Games games started in California, in which more than 26,000 athletes from around the world took part. And in 2015, more than 200,000 people have already registered in the Games. This year, an important feature of online competitions have become simplified Vorkauts for beginners. Thanks to them, even those who began to engage in crossfit only a couple of months ago were able to participate in OpenS.

Last year, such "freebies" was not, and I had to work with RX (recommended scales), the same for all athletes, both beginners and pros. As a runner I had to be disadvantaged, but I, groachty and the crack, still coped with the rods and gyms, taking an "honorable" thirty-step-to-one place of 60,000 in its age-age group.

Recently referred to me representatives of Reebok with an exclusive offer to interview Dave Castro, dedicated to the five years of their cooperation with Crossfit. For me, it’s like a schoolboy to interview the president. I talked with familiar athletes and collected questions that interest them.

– What is the meaning of Reebok and Crossfit cooperation, except for the production of clothes and shoes? What changes occurred from the beginning of the partnership?

– Partnership implies inclusive cooperation in organizing such events as Crossfit Games and Team Invitational. We are also discussing how to work with our affiliate partners and how to interact with the crossfit community to work. We have a remarkable relationship with the REEBOK brand, which is much deeper than just the development and sale of clothing. Reebok and Crossfit are now not at all like reebok and crossfit sample five-year prescription, when we just started collaboration. From our side one of the biggest changes in this period was our impressive growth around the world. Especially in Russia and South America. And I am absolutely convinced that our partnership with Reebok helped us in this.

– It is planned to include some other functional sports, such as archery or guns in games and workers?

I think no. I have always spoken resolutely against the use of weapons in Crossfit Games. I tell you like an avid arrows. The weapon does not serve as a test of physical fitness in the form of fitness that we promote we. I can say the same thing about the shooting of onion, although I sincerely believe that in this sport is very important to be in good shape, it requires skill, dexterity and strength. But I repeat that none of these sports makes it possible to experience the level of physical training of athletes in the extent necessary for us.

– Simplified Vorkuyt – this is a big step towards starting athletes. You can evaluate how these Vorkuits affected the development of crossfit?

– Introduction of lightweight WOD in the CrossFit Games program was a wonderful idea. I am very glad that this undertaking was crowned with success. The number of athletes practicing lightweight WOD outdoors increases from training to training.

– Crossfit is a universal tool of physical training. I love run, and therefore a big fan of CROSSFIT ENDURANCE. Do you have plans to develop more specific programs for other sports?

– this happens by itself. Athletes find for themselves the best solutions more at an individual level than on the global. I mean, you can take crossfit as a basis and adapt it to your individual needs to achieve new heights in fitness. And it is much better than to take some special training program and try to rebuild it under someone who is engaged in some kind of sport.

What is Crossfit and Crossfit Games interview with Dave Castro

– Tell me how you come up with Vorkuta: sign right on the board or in a cafe on napkins?

– ha ha, it happens differently. It was that I came up with WOD while jogging or was waiting for landing at the airport. I fix ideas on the tablet or paper, on a computer or chalkboard in the hall. It happens in any way. And draw inspiration not only from crossfit, but also from the theater, other sports, art and so on.

– Paleodius’s popularity is part of the popularity of crossfit. What do you think about paleoprocyps in nutrition? I tried myself?

– Yes, I tried Paleo. Our recommendations are very close to Paleodet. Meat and vegetables, nuts and grain, little fruit, little starch and no sugar. It’s all very similar to Paleo. But with the rules of some schools Paleo, we cannot agree. How, for example, the complete exclusion of salt or dairy products. I myself follow our nutritional recommendations and I am not afraid of fast carbohydrates, we simply use them in a small amount.

– I heard of your service in the marines. What was the most difficult part of the service and that you remember with a smile?

– Yes, I was in the division of "Marine Cotes" for 12 years. The most severe for me was the loss of friends and colleagues in battles or during exercises. I believe that I was very lucky that I was still alive, given that I gave so much time such a dangerous service. I always remember my friends and colleagues with a smile. This is a special castle.

– What did you hear about the development of crossfit in Latvia and Russia?

– I know that crossfit you have becoming more and more popular and that it grows interest to the methodology itself, and it is very pleased with me. What could be better than harsh ours that are also supported by crossfit and are its fans and hot supporters. Once I hope to come to you and already know for sure that rather sooner than late in Crossfit Games will be a champion from Russia.

In the meantime, we are waiting for the "birth of the our hero," you can see a small film prepared for the five years of cooperation Reebok and Crossfit. In the video, you can enable our subtitles if necessary.

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