What is cyanosis and where he is bored

Cyanosis Blue Skin OR Lips (Cyanosis) is a formation of the skin or mucous membranes, which can be seen on lips, nasolabial triangle, language, sweets, ears or fingertips. Sometimes a person has a completely blue face or body.

When you need to urgently cause an ambulance

Cyanosis can signal deadly states. Therefore, immediately dial 103 or 112 if there are also some of these symptoms of Blue Discoloration of the Skin:

  • It is difficult or impossible to inhale, breathing becomes hard or very frequent;
  • To facilitate breathing, you have to bend forward;
  • bothers the pain in the chest;
  • During the inhalation of Rybra, they are moving away to the sides;
  • Hard headache;
  • What is cyanosis and where he is bored
  • drowsiness or scattered;
  • The temperature rises;
  • Began cough with dark wet.

In addition to the listed features for cyanosis, children may occur Blue Discoloration of the Skin and other dangerous symptoms. As a rule, the grunty sound appears in the throat, during the breath, the breast muscles are strongly compressed, and the nostrils swell, it becomes sluggish or loses consciousness.

Why cyanos appears

Blue Discoloration of the Skin occurs due to reducing oxygen levels. Norma it is bright red, so the body has a healthy person pink. When the oxygen content decreases, the blood becomes dark blue-red, and the skin shines. Most of all this is noticeable on those parts of the body, where the vessels are located close to the surface of the epidermis, and in the dark-skinned people – in the mouth and under the nails.

The oxygen level is reduced by various reasons for Blue Skin OR Lips (Cyanosis) . Here they are:

    . It can be an attack of asthma or pneumonia.

  • Hope of the upper respiratory tract. Under the attacks of suffocation due to a foreign object in the trachea or enemy and inflammation in the field of voice ligaments, for example, during diphtheria, the lack of oxygen occurs.
  • Pathology of the heart. Often it is heart failure or innate vices.
  • Reino disease. This is a violation in which the spasms of blood vessels appear on the tips of the fingers, less often – the nose or ears, so blood does not come there.
  • Supercooling. If you stay for a long time in ice water or cold air, then lips, nose or fingers can be attached due to the reflex narrowing of the arteries.
  • Clocking thrombom. If it blocks the vessel in which the blood enters the limb, then also appears cyanosis.
  • Close clothes or squeezing decorations.
  • Overdose Blue Discoloration of The Skin Drugs, Sedatives.

Note that scientists have allocated Cyanosis and the clinical Assessment of Hypoxemia a state called "pseudocianoz". With it, the blue tone of the skin is not associated with a low level of oxygen in the blood, and it appears due to metals there (nitrate or silver, lead nitrate) or the actions of some drugs. These are usually phenothiazines, amiodarone or chlorochin hydrochloride. But even in this case, you need a doctor help.

How to get rid of cyanosis

Everything will depend on its cause. If there are no dangerous symptoms described above, refer to the therapist. He will conduct a survey that Blue Discoloration of the Skin may include:

    and the study of its gas composition.

  • Pulsoxymetry. This is when a small clips is put on the finger – the pulse oximeter – and the blood saturation is measured with oxygen.
  • Radiography or CT of the chest.
  • ECG – electrocardiogram.
  • Ultrasound of the heart.

Cyanosis is not a disease, so the doctor will select the therapy that will help eliminate the reason for the reason for the skin. Someone will need breathing Blue Discoloration of the Skin oxygen mixture through a mask, someone – medications. Thus, at pneumonia, Community-Acquired Pneumonia in adults is usually prescribed antibiotics, during asthma Asthma – preparations for the expansion of bronchi, and with Raynaud Phenomenon disease – means to reduce vessel spasms. In some cases, the CONGENITAL HEART DISEASE heart defects requires even a surgical operation.

What is cyanosis and where he is bored

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