What is dangerous air that we breathe

To begin with, it is worth understanding, from which the air we breathe. The main component for us is oxygen (21%). Main element – nitrogen (78%). The remaining proportion belongs to argon, carbon dioxide with a content in air about 0.04% and other elements and connections.

Disturbation of air can create problems for our body. The most common of them are a high concentration of CO, CO₂ and the presence of volatile organic substances in the air (VOC).

It is because of the increased maintenance of carbon dioxide, it becomes bad in the crowded, and VOC is the reason that our head begins to hurt when inhaling the smell of paint or exhaust gases.

Voc is those chemical compounds that exist in the form of gases isolated from solid and liquid substances, and easily evaporate even at room temperature. Curly gas, methane, couples of alcohols, formaldehyde, acetone, propane, dichloromethane – all this is widespread around us in the form of harmful gases. The peculiarity of many of them is that our body is able to detect them only by sensations caused by these harmful substances, and not by smell.

How to make air cleaner?

VOC and high content of CO and CO₂ not to be avoided in a large densely populated city where cars are driving, and in the entrances of houses make repairs. But what if you breathe harmful air at home or at work constantly, even when you do not feel any odors? If you experience fatigue and malaise, coughing unfortunately and often complain about well-being, it is probability that the problem is in the air you breathe. In this case, you need to act. Here is what you can do:

  • Ventilate the room. The simplest but quite effective way to get rid of the COP accumulated in the room. Especially recommended by the owners of gas stoves when cooking.
  • Buy air purifier. These devices differ in the method of cleaning and efficiency. One of the easiest options is the air sink operating as a humidifier.
  • Purchase indoor fern. Easy way to reduce carbon dioxide content and Voc next to you.
  • Change household chemicals. Ironically, but sometimes we pollute the air trying to make an apartment cleaner. Those tools that are presented as environmentally friendly, often so harmful as ordinary. Verified options can be avoided: Soda and Economic Soap.
  • Change hood and check ventilation. Ventilation systems require care, and intra-ordinary hoods can be poor quality.
  • Make repairs. Radical way to get rid of toxic paints and harmful materials that you used, making past repairs.
  • Move or change the place of work. If you live next to the CHP or a lively highway, other ways to clean the air can hardly help. Radical measures are needed.

The main thing in any situation is to identify the danger on time. This will help air quality monitors – Special devices reacting to Voc, CO and CO₂ around us. In the hands of Edu Technophobia, one of these devices fell – Portable Monitor Atmotube 2.0.

What is ATMOTUBE 2.0?

ATMOTUBE 2.0 – a small tube gadget that is placed in the palm of palm. On a housing with titanium coating there is only one button and LED. On one end there is a socket for charging and semiring for fastening, and on the other – the membrane, behind which the sensors are hidden.

Includes Charging USB Type-C and Carabiner for Atmotube Fastening 2.0 on the lock backpack or key bundles.

This simple device works in a bundle with a smartphone through Bluetooth and constantly measures the level of contamination, temperature and air humidity. Atmotube responds to an increased carbon dioxide content and the presence of a wide range of VOC, instantly warning the owner if the air quality is noticeably falling.

What is dangerous air that we breathe

Thus, the problem of air pollution can be forgotten – just to wear a gadget with them, charge it every three or four days and, if necessary, respond to notifications on the screen.

How it works?

Gadget from the box usually has a slightly discharged battery, to begin with the manufacturer recommends restoring the charge completely. At this time, you can download and configure the application to work with ATMOTUBE. Supports IOS and Android platforms. After installation, the application will propose to calibrate the device, on this stage of preparation ends – ATMOTUBE is ready to work.

The simplest air quality indicator is installed in the Atmotube itself – this is a LED that lights up one of five colors when you press a button. If the color is blue or green, everything is in order, if yellow, orange or red – air is dirty.

The appendix shows more detailed information: the contamination index calculated by the concentration in the air VOC and CO, as well as their content in PPM. The index accepts values ​​from 1 to 100: the air more harmful, the smaller the number. When the index falls below 40, Atmotube sends a notification. Also in the appendix you can monitor the temperature and humidity.

After turning on Atmotube checks the air at a frequency of 10 seconds, and after a while it goes into power saving mode and makes measurements less often. Such an approach justifies itself: Atmotube with a battery for 350 mA · h works longer than three days on one charge.

Atmotube 2.0 No of your memory chip, so breaking the connection or carry a gadget far from a smartphone is not recommended.

It is exactly working?

With the role of air quality monitor ATMOTUBE copes excellent. The device quickly responds to fuzziness or contaminated air – even now, looking through statistics, I can remember how the last days spent. In the first screenshot, I see that at about 9:10, I went to a 20-minute jog in the fresh air, and then I returned home and soon a little bit there "Intone" – the index fell into several positions.

Events of the previous evening I can restore on the second screenshot: At about 18:40 I left the well-ventilated office, then I drove 15 minutes in the car, and then sitting about two and a half hours in a cafe. In a cafe with good ventilation, but a large number of people, some of which smoked hookah. Then there was a small walk – the air quality mark was again blue.

We also subjected to the gadget extreme test: held it over a container with a fiber ignition. Atmotube immediately removed the wrong, and less than two minutes later sent a notice of air pollution to the smartphone.

In the efficiency of the gadget, not only we were convinced. First, Atmotube believed more than two thousand users of the Indiegog crowdfolding platform, the finished product was celebrated at the CES 2017 exhibition, and then he wrote a number of authoritative publications about it, including CNN and TechCrunch.

To whom atmotube 2.0?

Air quality monitor will be useful to every resident of the big city. Washed air in crowded places, exhaust gases, tobacco smoke, chemical cleaners, evaporation from building materials, paints and solvents – all this surrounds us daily. Completely from harmful factors will not get rid of, but we still do something in the power. For example, change the hood, make repairs, buy a houseplant or at least just ventilate the room. You only need to understand when to act, and just for this you need a special monitor.

As a rule, air quality monitors are stationary devices with impressive dimensions requiring network connection. This solution is suitable for home use, but how to be with the age of a half (at best) that we spend out of the house?

ATMOTUBE 2.0 – an excellent solution for those who want to follow the quality of air not only at home, but also in the office, in the country or on the road to work. It is compact enough to wear it with him, it holds a charge for a long time and works with any modern smartphone.

The only nuance: if you are interested in accurate indices of the content of CO₂ in the air, it is better to purchase carbon dioxide detector. ATMOTUBE 2.0 responds to a slightness caused by a large number of people, and catches the increase in the concentration of CO₂, but the exact data in PPM does not give.

Where can I buy?

Buy Atmotube 2.0 You can in the store of useful gadgets "Dajet". For all readers of the Edu Technophobia there is a 10% discount on promotion LH.

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