What is dangerous anemia during pregnancy and how it is treated

Anemia of pregnant women, or anemia, is a disease in which hemoglobin concentration is reduced in the blood. This protein inside the erythrocyte cells, which includes iron. For oxygen, it acts as a magnet. If hemoglobin becomes a little, oxygen does not find points for attachment, so organs and tissues are not allowed and started to fall, their work is disturbed.

Especially dangerous anemia of pregnant anemia during pregnancy. Due to low hemoglobin, immunity deteriorates and more often attack infections, and during childbirth, severe bleeding and a woman will die.

Anemia for a child is less dangerous. Its hemoglobin differs in the structure from what is in the blood of mom, and can transport more oxygen. Therefore, when anemia is easy, the fruit will not suffer. But if you do not treat the disease, it goes into a difficult form, because of which the child Iron Deficiency Anemia During Pregnancy: Prevention Tips can be born ahead of time, have a low body weight and even die.

What are the symptoms of anemia during pregnancy

Anemia can not always recognize on external manifestations. Pregnant Iron Deficiency Anemia During Pregnancy: Prevention Tips, unlike other women, get tired more, often feel dizziness and weakness, and this is one of the first signs of low hemoglobin. Other symptoms of Vitamin Deficiency Anemia may also appear:

  • pale or yellowish skin;
  • headache;
  • Cold hand and foot brushes;
  • nail fragility, hair loss;
  • bad appetite;
  • dyspnea;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • Bloodfaction of Dysen.

Some pregnant women because of the anemia Iron Deficiency Anemia During Pregnancy: Prevention Tips begin to eat chalk, sand, clay, someone gives pleasure the smell of fresh paint, glue or gasoline.

Why anemia occurs during pregnancy and how it is treated

You can notice anemia by general blood test. Therefore, pregnant women give it several times over the entire observation time at the gynecologist. If the doctor sees deviations from the norm, then will send to the therapist. In severe cases, a woman is advised to visit the hematologist.

Depending on the causes of scientists allocate several types of anemia. For each of them you need our special treatment, so the woman first gives blood tests.

Iron deficient

In 90% of cases during pregnancy, anemia anemia of pregnant women occurs due to lack of iron in the body. A woman needs this element twice as many Iron Deficiency Anemia During Pregnancy: Prevention Tips than before conception – to ensure the growing fruit with oxygen. But under the influence of certain factors, its body cannot support the normal concentration of hemoglobin. This happens if Iron Deficiency Anemia During Pregnancy: Prevention Tips:

  • Increases the consumption of iron. For example, when periodic bleeding from the guise, blood cells are lost during hemorrhoids or ulcers of the stomach and with them iron.
  • The absorption of iron is worse. If a woman has gastritis or a reduced concentration of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, the trace element does not penetrate into the blood.
  • What is dangerous anemia during pregnancy and how it is treated
  • Iron is not enough. Those who refuse meat eats little greenery, iron deficiency anemia may occur.

How to treat

The doctor will appoint Iron Deficiency Anemia During Pregnancy: Prevention Tips Medicines, which contains iron. If a pregnant woman has severe anemia, a future mother can put in the hospital. Maybe she will need blood transfusion.

It is useful to change the diet so that there are more meat, eggs, greenery and fruit in it.


Low hemoglobin may be due to the fact that blood cells are divided incorrectly or there are few. This happens when the Vitamin Deficiency Anemia Vitamin C, B12 or Folic Acid is lacking. Hypovitaminosis B12 occurs most often due to improper nutrition, when a woman uses little meat and milk, as well as in the dysbacteriosis of the intestine, crown disease or after the stomach operations. Folic acid deficiency and vitamin C appears in pregnant women who eat not enough greens and fruits, smoke and drink alcohol.

How to treat

For the treatment of light forms of anemia, the doctor will appoint vitamin complexes and will advise a diet. Those who did not part with bad habits, it is worthwhile to do this as soon as possible.

In severe form you need to go to the hospital. There will be prescribed more serious medications, and if it does not help, blood transfusion will be done.


This is a rare, but heavy Malokrovia APLASTIC AMEMIA, which is usually developing long before pregnancy. Disease occurs due to bone marrow damage, which produces all blood cells. Aplastic anemia can cause:

  • Radiation and chemotherapy. They are used to treat various types of cancer.
  • Medicines. Bone marrow damage some prescription antibiotics, drugs for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Chemical substances. Blood-formation breaks with benzene or arsenic poisoning.
  • Viruses. Scientists believe that cytomegalovirus can damage the bone marrow, hepatitis, Epstein virus – Barr, HIV.
  • Immunity. Sometimes the body attacks its own cells and violates their division.

How to treat

During pregnancy, aplastic anemia is very dangerous extractive pathology in obstetrics: anemia in pregnant women: rare forms of anemia and in 45% of cases leads to the death of the mother. A woman is transferring blood transfusion, treat hormones, and with strong bleeding remove the spleen. If the term of pregnancy is big, the doctor will offer a cesarean cross section to save life a child.

Sherpovoid cell

This is a rare hereditary blood transfusion policy during sickle cell anemia during pregnancy anemia, which is manifested long before pregnancy. The feature of the disease is that hemoglobin has an abnormal structure, so the red blood cells take the shape of a sickle. In this form, they cannot pass through the microsudes, get stuck in them and destroy. Some of the changed cells accumulates in the spleen and liver, and there are few of them in the blood, therefore hemoglobin is not enough.

How to treat

Scientists do not have a means that would help get rid of sickle-cell anemia. Therefore, pregnant women make blood transfusion policy with sickle-shaped anemia during blood pregnancy to support the normal level of hemoglobin.


In pregnant women, hemolytic extragenital pathology in obstetrics: anemia in pregnant women: rare forms of anemia anemia occur very rarely. It may be a congenital genetic disease in which red blood cells live significantly less than 120 days and destroy. Sometimes the cell breakdowns are damaged to the immunity breakdowns with a systemic red lolly, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic hepatitis.

Features of hemolytic anemia that distinguish it from other types of violations – jaundice and black urine. These are signs of accelerated destruction of blood cells.

How to treat

About hemolytic anemia is usually known before the occurrence of pregnancy. Therefore, a woman is treated in advance. Extractive pathology in obstetrics: anemia in pregnant women: rare forms of anemia hormones, cytostatics, and in some cases it is removed by the spleen. If the disease aggravated in a pregnant woman, then the use of cytostatics is impossible: they cause malforms from the fetus or his death. Therefore, doctors can perform blood transfusion and assign hormones.

How to prevent anemia during pregnancy

The most common type of anemia in pregnant women – iron deficiency. It can be prevented if you follow the recommendations of Iron Deficiency Anemia During Pregnancy: Prevention Tips specialists:

What is dangerous anemia during pregnancy and how it is treated

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