What is dangerous man’s papilloma virus and get rid of him

In fact, the virus is not one – there are many of them, up to 200 types of HPV . Most human papilloma viruses (HPV) are safe. However, about 40 of them are happy to attack the genitals of people, and at least 14, according to the person’s papilloma virus (HPV) and WHO cervical cancer, are oncogenic, that is, can provoke cancer.

Most often women suffer. It was HPV in 70% of cases that causes the cervical cancer – the second prevalence of the type of malignant tumors among women developed countries. But men are also in the risk area: a person’s papillomavirus virus can run the oncology of the rear pass, membe and rotogling.

Which of the types of HPV is oncogenic or not – got you, and you will not define. But the fact that you have it is practically for sure. According to HPV. Fast Facts American Association of Sexual Health, approximately 80% of people leading sex life are infected.

Human papilloma virus – the most common infection transmitted by sex.

It is noteworthy that most of the victims of HPV do not even realize that they are infected. On objective, however, reasons.

What are the symptoms of human papilloma virus

HPV – insidious thing. Often he does not manifest any way. Sometimes signs occur many years later, genital HPV infection – newsletter of the Center for Control and Prevention of Diseases after infection. So it is difficult to determine when the infection has penetrated into the body.

The most obvious (but not mandatory) symptom – the appearance of growths on the skin of any part of the body. Papillomas, Condylomes, warts are all HPV.

Fortunately, most often for a year, two, they pass by themselves and do not bear health hazards. But if the symptoms of HPV persistently disappear and especially if papillomas and warts appeared on the genital organs or in the mouth and throat, it is necessary to consult with the therapist, gynecologist or urologist.

With a prolonged chronic form, HPV can lead to changes in cells that over time are transformed into malignant. From infection to the development of cancer on average 10-20 years.

How to treat human papilloma virus

Unfortunately, there is no medicine from the virus itself. Therapy is reduced to the elimination of symptoms and the fight against the possible consequences of HPV – precancerous and cancer.

What is dangerous man's papilloma virus and get rid of him

Warts and papillomas are generally physically removed by different methods. Choose the most efficient and safe to you will help the doctor – a dermatologist, a gynecologist, urologist or ENT (if we are talking about growth in the field of rotogling).

Prerostrate and cancer conditions can also be cured – the more successful than the disease was detected before. Therefore, WHO recommends that all women older than 30 years old to do a regular papillomavirus (HPV) Test test – when examining a gynecologist to hand over a smear, which will help identify precancerous changes in the mucous membrane. As a rule, it is enough to undergo a procedure every five years. But if the doctor believes that in your case it is necessary more often, listen to his opinion.

For men screenings are not recommended by HPV and MEN – FACT SHEET . Just do not forget to refer to the doctor if you suddenly notice something unusual – soreness, thigh, tumor – in the area of ​​genital organs, rear pass or rotoglot. Regular inspection of the urologist (for men older than 40 years old – preferably not less than once a year) will reduce the risk to miss something really serious.

How not to infect human papilloma virus

HPV is a disease that is easier to prevent than to treat. The most reliable way to do it – vaccinated. But there is a nuance. The vaccination is most effective only if the body has never come across a virus. Therefore, WHO recommends vaccinating children aged 9-14 years, before the start of sex life. Ideal – 11-12 years old.

If you did not have time to make vaccinations on time, you can vaccinate until 21 years (for young men) and up to 26 years old (for girls).

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