What is dangerous meat and whether it is worth refusing from him

It is necessary to immediately make a reservation that the most harmful for a person is the meat of mammals, such as beef, pork and lamb. Many studies have established that the more people eat red meat, the higher the probability of the development of some types of cancer Risk in Red Meat? . For example, intestinal cancer, pancreas and prostate.

Recycled meat (i.e., what Solioli, I was killed, preserved and so on) even more dangerous. Every 50 g per day increase IARC Monographs Evaluate Consumption of Red Meat and Processed Meat The risk of intestinal cancer by 18%.

If the meat was prepared for a long time or at high temperatures (for example, roasted in a frying pan), the chance to earn a disease again more. During such processing in the product, harmful substances are formed, which can lead to breast cancer development, prostate, liver, leather, light and other organs Chemicals in Meat Cooked at High Temperatures and Cancer Risk .

Leads to cardiovascular diseases

The meat contains transgira – the most dangerous fats that lead to diseases of the cardiovascular system EAT LESS RED MEAT, CUT Heart Attack Risk . If fatty meat also fry, harmful effects on the heart will increase. But if you cut the use of red meat to 70 g per day (in the finished form), it will help to stay healthy Meat in Your Diet .

Meat can cause diabetes

The diabetes of the first type is almost impossible to prevent, but the likelihood of the development of the diabetes of the second type can be reduced. So, vegetarians suffer from this disease twice as less than those who regularly eating red meat Meat Consumption As A Risk Factor for Type 2 Diabetes .

Harmful for kidneys

Diabetes and high blood pressure Frequent causes of renal failure. But the excessive consumption of meat can lead to this, assure scientists RED MEAT INTAKE AND RISK OF ESRD . And on other animal products, such as milk and eggs, this effect does not apply.

Provocates intestinal diseases

Red meat contributes to the development of diverticulitis – inflammatory bowel disease. Fans of meat risk of diverticulitis 58% higher MEAT INTAKE AND RISK OF DIVERTICULITIS AMONG MEN than those who almost moved to vegetation food.

How to reduce meat harm

There are in moderation

What is dangerous meat and whether it is worth refusing from him

It became terrible? Do not rush to join the rows of vegetarians. Vegetable diet is also not devastable. And if there is no more than 500 g of red meat per week, the risk of developing cancer and other diseases rises at all slightly Recommendations for Cancer Prevention .

Choose certain types of meat

In addition, you can switch to bird and fish, although the content of such useful substances like iron, there is less. And if there is a red meat, then as much fat as possible: it will reduce the risk of cardiac attack and excess weight, which often causes the diabetes of the second type.

Completely cook

Try to bake meat in the oven, cook or cook for a couple. It will save more vitamins in it and will not lead to the formation of harmful substances.

Refuse meat products

But about sausage, bacon, sausages are better to completely forget. The benefits of them are practically no, and the risk of cancer increases even small portions of these products. The thing is that in the process of treating meat in it, carcinogens are formed – substances that damage cells. Namely, it leads to the occurrence of tumors.

What is dangerous meat and whether it is worth refusing from him

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